Granola that will change your life

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Dudes.  I am about to tell you the secret to happiness. 

We went on a family vacation to Seattle a few weeks ago, and I innocently sat down to breakfast one morning without realizing my world was about to be rocked. 

Sitting so prettily in a crystal goblet was the chewiest, nuttiest, most flavorful granola I have ever had in my entire life.  Macadamia nuts.  Coconut.  Almonds.  Pistachios.  It's like all the world's perfect foods got together for a family reunion in my belly.  This granola and I were meant to be soul mates.  

As soon as we returned home, I vowed to recreate the best granola known to man.  It took me a few tries, and a little bit of tweaking, but I have done it. 

And, because I like you, I'm going to share the chewy goodness with you.

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Definitely keep an eye on it in the oven.  I loved the chewiness of the original, and if you don't stir it or cook it too long, it will get crunchy.  Also?  I was unable to find unsalted macadamia nuts, so I just threw in the roasted & salted.  It by no means ruins the deliciousness, but next time I am going to try and find some without salt as you can taste a hint of the saltiness from the nuts.

I have been eating this for breakfast every day since we got home, combined with Greek yogurt and a bowl full of strawberries.  

One batch makes a TON, so be prepared to eat it quickly or toss some in the freezer.  For those of you who are interested, my calculations put this granola at 92 calories for a 1/4 cup serving.  Definitely less than the crunchy crap I've been buying at the store.  (Too bad I want to eat it by the pound, though).

Happy granola-ing!