Cheers, Craig's list

So I've been adding in some extra exercise for the kids lately - we've been walking home from school. For them, it's only about a mile, but it adds almost two extra miles to my daily tally, bringing me up to about six miles a day. It's been great except for the limited capabilities of our less-than-desirable umbrella stroller. That thing requires more effort to push than it would take to just carry the little Hannah. But the boys are liking the daily trot so much, I decided to go looking for a used single jogger. Having kindly donated our double baby jogger-brand stroller to a friend in MA before moving (read regrettably!), I needed some new wheels. I decided to try the old standby, Craig's List. Love that website. I go browsing at least once a week just for fun.

So I found several jogging strollers per se, but was unwilling to shell out the $100 to $150 for a used baby jogger-brand stroller. I figure that I'm only using it for this year - next year when Hannah is in kindergarten, she's walking like the rest of us - and, therefore, didn't want to pay out a lot of money. I found a few no-name brand joggers, and sent out hopeful emails. I got several replies back (as no-name strollers are not in high demand) and picked the best looking one that had the closest location to me.

With my $40 in hand, I went to meet our new stroller. And to my delight and utter surprise, I found a baby jogger-brand stroller (in great shape, as those things are made to last forever) waiting for me. I quickly paid the stranger my money, and ran to the car with my stroller (lest she realize what a steal I was getting and change her mind). I am sure she did not know what she was peddling. For her, it was simply a stroller they no longer needed or used. For me, it's the find of the century. People pay big bucks for these brand of strollers - new and used. There are plenty of people that would be willing to pay at least $100 for a used baby jogger (heck, the new ones start at about $300). I am thrilled to once again be the proud owner of a baby jogger-brand stroller. I now have great visions of jogging to all my errands with Hannah, but am sure that even if it's only the walk home from school, we will more than get our money's worth.