It never ceases to amaze me, the paradox that is California. Last night for our YW activity, we went to the temple to hear the stake youth choir sing Christmas songs. I brought my kids along as Josh was working late. I'm sitting outside under the stars, in the shadow of the temple - all the palm trees were lit up with Christmas lights - taking in the angelic, youthful voices singing Christmas songs. It was picturesque, charming, sweet. I am in the midst of pondering on what a great activity this is, and how other wards we've been in have missed the boat on this one, when Hannah turns to me and says, "Mom, McKay is picking the flowers!" Oh, flowers. In December. Live ones. Yeah, that's why we've never had this type of activity in other wards - you'd be standing in three feet of snow, fighting below-freezing temperatures. Flowers and Christmas - who'd have thought they'd be a pair? Man, I love this place.