7 weird things about me

So I was inspired by this blog to post seven weird things about me that you never knew. I am crazy, to be sure, but these are a few of my more tame idiosyncrasies (remember, weirdness is all relative):

1. When I load the dishwasher, I like to make sure there are the same number of knives, forks, and spoons in each little section of the silverware thingie. There's just something so linear, so pleasing to my inner OCD when I can wrap the silverware up in that neat little package of evenness.

2. I cannot stand the sight or smell of cooked oatmeal. When Josh puts his bowl in the sink after eating oatmeal, I have to close my eyes and quickly turn on the water to rinse it out. I don't know why, but mushy, cooked oatmeal just grosses me out beyond belief. Now, I have yet to meet an oatmeal cookie I didn't love, but that is another story.

3. I am secretly afraid of robots. What if all the movies are true and they will one day start thinking for themselves and take over the world? And in spite of this someone in this house still got Robo Raptor for Christmas.

4. I hate to pee. WAAAYY too much information, I know, but I just don't like to go. I will hold it for hours. Don't really have any rational explanation for it either.

5. I put cereal back in the cupboard when there's not any left in the box. Josh wants to kill me when he goes to get some cereal and it's empty, but ON THE SHELF. I'm working on this one.

6. When we're getting close to the end of a gallon of milk, I won't ever drink the last cup or so. I am convinced that the last remaining bits are rotten, and I NEVER drink it. Many times I have been caught pouring the last of the milk down the drain, but I just can't do it. It's BAD.

7. I go postal when I find that Josh has hung up his pants on a plastic hanger. Which is funny because it's not like I actually even iron his clothes for him. But I know he won't iron them, and will blissfully walk around all day with a crease in his thighs. Makes me CRAZY.

So tag, Annie, Marta, Oma, Anna (and anyone else)...you're it! What makes you so weird? Please share and make me look somewhat normal!