I resolve...

In keeping with tradition, here is my annual resolution list,
(and not in any particular order):

I will stop eating bad (okay, not all together, but at least some of the time).
I will exercise six days a week.
I will be excited about my church calling (or at least try and be a little bit more positive).
I will go on a great trip.
I will go to New York City (my fav!) and see a show, shop, and eat.
I will wear lots of sunscreen at the beach.
I will make homework more fun for my kids.
I will take a photography class and actually learn how to use my new camera.
I will get organized and manage this household like the OCD-nerd that I am.
I will take lots of time for me (brought to me courtesy of Hannah starting the big "K" this year!)
I will go to a movie all by myself.
I will once and for all go through my socks and throw out the ones with holes.
I will buy a pair of wild and sexy shoes.
I will find someplace fabulous to wear said shoes.
I will be kind to strangers.
I will somehow learn to be more patient.
I will laugh, love, cry, hope, wish, curse, celebrate, pout, and smile - but I will have no regrets.