Let me just tell you a little bit about my luck. If I go on vacation somewhere that's supposed to be, I don't know, say WARM, it will be unseasonably cold. And not just cold, but record snow falls and freezing rain. If the town in which I live is anxiously awaiting spring after a long, hard winter - you can count on two feet of rain to fall in 24 hours (check the books - this happened last spring), and about another month of rain after that. I was forced to listen to my husband describe pristine blue skies and 74 degree temperatures in April while he was out here in Cali and we were still in Boston. You wanna know what April looked like last year in Boston?

That is what I woke up to on the morning of April 5th. Nice, huh? Now you see why I've become such angry, angry woman. Nobody wants to see that in April, for crying out loud.
So now that I'm in Cali, soaking up the non-snow, what does the weather look like on the east coast? Oh, how about sunny, unseasonably, unbelievably warm. Today it was 60 degrees here. Not too bad for a January day, I'd say. It was 70 freakin' degrees in Boston today. Now that I'm not there, in January, they are warmer in Boston than in California.

I wanted to be the envy of everyone who lives anywhere but here. I wanted people to think of me this winter and go, "Oh, wow, I wish I was her." Why did I want to be thought of by friends shoveling snow and wearing coats? BECAUSE I DESERVE IT! I have lived in some of the most extreme climates known to man. I deserve to have the best winter of my life. I deserve to be warm - outside. I've put in my time. It's MY turn. I've shoveled three feet of snow by myself when my husband was out of town. I have bundled up three tiny kids and fought icy roads to get where we needed to be. I have made (and cleaned up) countless sticky, messy cups of hot chocolate when the kids vainly attempted to battle wind chills and snow drifts in the back yard, only to come pouring in after ten minutes, frozen and crying. Me. I did that.

I seriously dislike most of you right about now. No hard feelings though, huh? Just remember when I didn't call you from the beach in November to brag ... oh, wait, I might have.

Guess we're even. Maybe I ought to work on my good karma...