To the love of my life (may he forgive me for this post)

Top ten reasons why I love you (and in no particular order):

1. You are such a hard worker. I love the drive and the ambition that are almost second nature to you. You inspire me to stop spending hours searching blogs and do something productive with my time.

2. You are so good lookin'! (If only you'd stop hitting on women in my dreams!)

3. You are an amazing father. It truly touches my soul to see how into our kids you are. These crazy little people we share a house with. The ones with the runny noses and the stinky bums. The ones who never stop talking and wake up at the crack of dawn. These ones you love with all you've got.

4. You would do anything for me. I know this because I've asked you to do some pretty crazy things lately, and you always say yes. You come through when I'm in a pinch without a second thought. That speaks volumes.

5. Your integrity. You are incapable of being untrue to yourself, and that is a rare quality, my friend.

6. Your spontaneity. I love that we have picked up and moved clear across the country (several times). I love that you will find a cool day trip, and within 30 minutes we're in the car on our way there. It balances out the OCD in me that loves to plan, plan, plan!

7. Your generosity. I think if you had the world, you'd find a way to give us the moon, too. You want nothing for yourself (again, the opposite of me!) and I love that about you.

8. Your sense of humor. You must have a good one - you married me, right?

9. Your belief in me. You have showed me that one person can make a difference. You have taught me to believe in myself, and to trust my own instincts.

10. Your support. You are the guy who says, "Hey, why not call your girlfriends and go see a movie tonight?" You are the guy who says, "You want to go away for the weekend to NY? Sure, I'll watch the kids." There are very few guys willing to say those things - and mean them. You would do ANYTHING if it brought a measure of happiness to me. You are my best friend. You make my life mean something. I love you. Just thought I should say it out loud.

P.S. If you actually read this post word-for-word, I will give you a big prize. And no, it will not be that threesome with Angelina Jolie you've been vying for...

P.S.S. I take no offense that you "skim" through my blog. I know you love me anyway! Plus, there are probably thousands of fans who read it daily...