a simple life

So we've just finished probably our lowest-key holiday ever. I got sick right before Christmas and it pretty much put us out of commission. I feel like I'm only now just coming out of it. But it leads me to ask...what did we miss?

We spent the last two weeks home as a family. The kids played together. There were card games, checkers, movies, and video-game tournaments. There was pizza and soup. There were M&Ms and leftover cookies. We didn't have a fancy Christmas feast. We didn't go out to dinner on New Year's Eve. And I'm somewhat surprised to say that I didn't miss it. It was nice to not feel pressure to get out more. I enjoyed just cozying up in my pj's with a magazine and watching my kids play.

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy going out - it's actually one of my favorite things. I think when Josh traveled so much, it was for my mental sanity that we got out as much as we did. We used to spend a fortune on babysitters when he traveled all the time, going out at least once a weekend. Now that he's home more, I don't feel that need. It's ironic, isn't it? Now that we're always home, that's where we want to stay. There's something to be said for just hanging around, taking it slow, and not rushing around all the time. A simple life is a good thing. I know that soon enough there will be fencing classes, school, homework, cubscouts, preschool, and baseball dragging us around. I am really liking having these few weeks to ourselves. I am liking that we're not expected anywhere. Simplicity - maybe that should be our new year's resolution. Bring a little bit of this week into all year...