last week's lessons

So I enjoyed doing this one so much last week, that I've decided to make it a weekly column, if you will. Here are some lessons learned:

  • A third-grade squid dissection is not "gross;" it is "interesting" and clearly I don't have a very "scientific attitude."
  • It will rain all day Sunday, except for the time you spend at church.
  • Strawberries always taste better with angel food cake and whipped cream.
  • Making a beard like President Lincoln's is not as easy as it looks.
  • Playing baseball with my family is really, really fun.
  • I should always check to make sure the shower head is actually pointing INSIDE the tub, and not at my face, before turning on the hot water.
  • When your husband asks you out on a date and you assume he's asking your four-year-old daughter - it has been WAY too long since you've been out.
  • Babysitters are worth their weight in gold.
  • When cleaning out the garage, do not be surprised that you will throw out more than you thought you had to begin with.
  • Getting takeout is always better than cooking.
  • Favorite stores of the week: Costco and Banana Republic.

Anything you've learned that you'd like to share?