13 things I love about you

So it's our anniversary today, and in honor of that, I thought I would post 13 things I love about you...one for every fantastic year together:

  1. You always let me have the last bite of dessert.
  2. You encourage me in buying things that make me feel pretty.
  3. You make me laugh. Still.
  4. You happily take the kids on Saturday mornings to give me a break.
  5. You ALWAYS go pick up the take-out.
  6. You listen when I need to complain or vent about my day.
  7. You willingly and graciously tend our kids so I can go on trips with my girlfriends.
  8. You work so hard, even when you don't want to.
  9. You always say I'm beautiful when I ask, "Does this make me look...[insert negative adjective here].
  10. You are uncompromising in your principles.
  11. You laugh with me at stupid movies.
  12. You dream big, you live big, and you encourage greatness from all of us.
  13. You still love me, even after all these years.