20 questions

I get so inundated with questions from the little Hannah around here, that I decided to pull out a notebook and pen to document the crazy things that come flying out of her mouth in a given day. Here is a list of questions said to me in the last 24 hours by Hannah:

  • Is it time for breakfast?
  • What does 'insane' mean?
  • Mommy, am I hilarious?
  • Why do you have to cut burritos with a knife?
  • Why do the boys like such dangerous things?
  • Do I have school today?
  • Can I have a nickname that's not silly?
  • What did you just eat?
  • Can you turn on Noggin?
  • Do you like peppers?
  • Why does Chase worry about me?
  • Can you get me a drink QUICK? Cause my mouth is all spaghettio-ish.
  • When can I get a baby sister?
  • Can I dance at my wedding?
  • Will I be cute when I'm all growned up?
  • Can I have a snack?
  • Why didn't you open this new box of rice krispies, you silly?
  • Can you play with me?
  • What's for dinner?
  • Will you give me a kiss and a hug?
    • As you can see, never a dull moment around here.

      Never a quiet one, either.