Bursting with the weight of my secret

All right, time to let this all out. Most of the family already knows, but for the few friends that read this blog now and again, I can finally spill the secret that I have been carrying like a lead weight for several months.

We are moving to St. Louis.

Josh has a great job opportunity that came our way (surprisingly) from his former firm. It's a fantastic career move - one that we could not pass up. We feel that the Lord has practically beat us over the head to get us there. Never in our lives have we felt more inspired to make a move than this one. It feels right on so many levels that I won't go into here, but sometimes - when you know; you know. And there is no disputing it. This WILL be our last move for quite some time (or maybe forever). Yes, we're plantin' some roots.

We told the kids tonight - and surprisingly, there were no tears. I think we've shown them that moving across the country isn't as scary as it sounds. They had no trouble acclimating when we moved here, and they are excited for the new house.

Which, by the way, we have put an offer in on and not seen yet (talk about a leap of faith, no?). I leave early tomorrow morning to fly out for the inspection, but we feel certain it's going to be great. We've seen similar floor plans and pieced together the layout from online pictures. It's a 5-bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2,900 square foot home (plus a full basement) in the suburbs of St. Louis. It needs a teensy bit of remodeling - but we're hoping to get it all scheduled and done before the kids and I actually move in. We'll have a smallish yard - about a third of an acre (though by California standards that is quite huge).

Josh will move out there and into a hotel at the end of this month. We hope to close on the house mid-June, and a few weeks after that, the kids and I will follow - giving them the chance to finish school. We'll have Josh home on the weekends (fun commute for him) so it shouldn't be too bad. We've done it before; we can do it again.

We will be sad to leave California (and unfortunately I gleefully threw out all our winter gear when we moved here) but there are so many great things waiting for us in Missouri. We'd love to host any visitors - so feel free to stop by if you're passing through or coming just to see us. We'll finally have the room to host. St. Louis - here we come!