Not old enough

Chase came running in, breathless, to find me. "Mom, you HAVE to get this thing I just saw on t.v. It is SO IMPORTANT."

"Okay, Chase. What is it?" (Thinking it was some must-have toy).

"It's this new thing that will protect you. It's called Life Alert. If you fall on the ground or have a heart attack - IT WILL CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT FOR YOU. You need this, Mom. It even says if you have diet beating. " (I think he means diabetes, because I am not by any means beating my diet like I should be).

"Wow, Chase. That sounds great. But I don't really think we need that just yet."

McKay smugly walks into the room, "See, Chase, I told you that was for way old people. Mom's not old enough yet."

So glad I have a few years before I need Life Alert, and glad that when I finally do, Chase will hook me up.