Memorial Day Vacay

We just got back from a fantastic weekend on Coronado. We stayed at a hotel that was literally right on the beach. We swam in the pool - umpteen times. We ate at great restaurants. We walked along the shore at sunset. We had pancakes brought to our room and I ate them in bed while reading People magazine (the epitome of a really great vacation for me. Sad, but true). It was paradise. Kind of one last hurrah before we willingly trade in this tropical paradise for the mosquitoes, humidity, and non-ocean nearness of the Midwest. Here are some photos:

Funniest moment of the weekend though was a conversation between Josh, Hannah, and McKay. You see, Hannah is getting her five-year-molars and is beyond thrilled with the addition of her new teeth. She checks the mirror on almost an hourly basis - hoping that more of her "new teefe" have come up. She talks nonstop about how she is growing up and will soon be of the age where she can freely boss me around and wear whatever she wants.

So she is prancing around the hotel room and says to Josh, "Dad, my new teefe. Have you seen my new teefe? LOOK AT MY NEW TEEFE! They're beautiful. It means I'm growing up. I'm getting all growned up now. Can you believe I'm ALMOST ALL GROWNED UP?"

Josh says, "Yeah, Hannah, you're really becoming a woman."

McKay groans and says, "Oh great. Does that mean she's pregnant?"