Home, where my music's playing...home

We are here safe and sound (although my ragged, cracked hands would probably beg to differ). I am bone-tired and still keep finding things to unpack. I swear these boxes have to be mating. My mission tomorrow is to take a few shots of the house and get them posted - we'll see if I can find the time.

A few highlights of the move so far include:
  • Arriving to find the floor all done and being just giddy over how well it turned out.
  • Sighing with dismay at the layer of fine dust all over everything in the house (oh, the joys of remodeling).
  • Spending my first night in the new house on the floor - sharing a blanket with a very adorable, very loud, snoring princess.
  • Having to scoop a number-two (Hannah's) out of the main floor powder room and rush it to a working toilet (we have to get a plumber in to reinstall the toilet that the floor guys removed. They take it off, but don't put it back. Nice, huh?)
  • Calling Josh about every eight minutes to see how much longer until he gets here.
  • Unpacking 5,069,874 boxes and still not being done.
  • Not seeing my children for hours because they are too busy recreating Lord of the Flies in the backyard.
  • Having a schizophrenic dial tone. Sometimes we have one; sometimes we don't.
  • Waiting hours as the genius Direct TV installer man attempts to make my t.v. work.
  • Watching helplessly as said genius Direct TV installer man leaves without finishing the job.
  • Calling Direct TV installers and be given yet another four-hour window in which to wait for a genius installer man to finish what earlier genius installer man did not.
  • Waiting all day for the new bar stools and kitchen table to be delivered.
  • Finally getting them and then grumbling because they are too tall for the bar.
  • Not figuring this out until after the delivery truck has sped away.
  • Having cupboards in my kitchen that are actually empty (because I finally have enough cupboard space!) as opposed to being crammed to capacity.
  • Meeting the new neighbors with Chase's mohawk still rockin'. Klassy, no? It is gone tomorrow, I swear.

All in all, it's good to be home. Here in our home. It just makes me so happy.

Oh! And DCR Mom at Musings of a Housewife, nominated me for a little bloggy award while I was gone. I am flattered and thrilled to be a part! You really ought to pop over to her blog if you don't know her already. She's a keeper. Thanks, friend!