A weekend with our roots

We spent this past weekend in Nauvoo, Illinois. The last time we visited Nauvoo was with Josh's parents and three of his siblings. I was about eight minutes pregnant with my first baby, and sicker than anyone really ever should be. My memories of that trip are somewhat hazy - mostly images of me throwing up on pretty much every square inch of Nauvoo (and the road we took to get there). In fact, I am quite certain that Josh's sister, Marta, will probably never want children due to her experiences in the backseat of our car on that trip (and several others that I won't mention here involving stinky diapers and desecrating national historical landmarks, ahem). Let's just say, it was not a great trip.

This time around, it was completely different. Seeing Nauvoo through my kids' eyes was like seeing it for the first time. There were so many fun things to do. We tried on the costumes. We learned how they made wagon wheels. We toured the bakery, the schoolhouse, and the printing press. We cried at the pageant. We saw the Temple. It was so serene, so peaceful to be away from the real world. The Husband was even brave enough to leave the computer and palm pilot at home (although he regretted it after the kids were asleep and he was dreaming of plasma TVs).

Were it not for the heat - GOOD GRACIOUS THE HEAT - I would never have come home. I turned to The Husband at one point during the weekend, wiped a gallon of sweat from my brow, and said, "Sheesh, it is so much hotter up here than where we are." He ever-so-coolly replied, "Um, noooo, you're just always either at the pool or inside with air conditioning. It IS this hot where we live."

He might be right.

The only other thing lacking was a decent place to eat. For lunch, we waited in line for about 50 minutes at a local bakery, only to be disappointed with wonder bread-style sandwiches. Dinner wasn't much better. Our hotel restaurant offered a giant buffet, which had my kids salivating like wild dogs, upon sight of it. It left much to be desired, trust me. I was so sick all night after that meal. I guess it's just not a trip to Nauvoo for me without a giant bottle of Tums. At least this time around, I wasn't pregnant.

All in all, some quality family time and a chance to show the kids a little bit of their history. We'll definitely be back.