Dear Diary

The other night the kids and I were looking for something in the storage room, and came across a box of my old journals. I pulled out the first journal I ever wrote in and started reading. It was just too hilarious not to share. And so, for lack of anything monumental to discuss, I bring you highlights from my 2nd grade journal. Note: All spellings have been left in their original form (and McKay was quick to point out all the grammar errors to me. Thanks, kid). It also is much more priceless in my scratchy handwriting, but I don't have a scanner at home. You get the general idea.

November 17, 1981

Today is my 8th Birthday. It's ben real fun. I got a night gown, A shirt, under wear, flower Brett's, raido, hair dryer, Cindrella tape, crayns, Book. I got a Snow white Birthday cake. I got A pen. And pizza for dinner. At school my class sang to me. we saw Mickey and the Beanstock And half of DumBo. And I got A card from the Insurance Company. Tomorrow is Craig's Birthday. Its Been such a nice day today I'm glad Its my Birthday today.

[Oooohhh, a card from the INSURANCE COMPANY. I was special. That proves it.]


November 24, 1981

Today at scool the Teachers Dubble Jumped Rope. Mr. higley fell. We All laughed at him. We saw a Dafey Duck Speceal. My cousens came over and me and Craig got 3 dollers. Its been so much fun. I have a cold that won't go Away. Mom said I was groanded tell my Room was clean. I have had so much fun today. It's been fun.


January 21, 1982

Today Mr. Higley said He could read MiNds. But I don't think he is telling the truth.

[That Mr. Higley...reading minds. Ppfffiishh. He was no match for my keen intellect. Couldn't fool me!]


May 5, 1982

Today is matt's 3rd birthday. he is very happy. he got cars, underwear, briches or pants. he got a ball, swiming suit, shorts, tank top. We had a barbcue. I ate: 1 hot dog, 1 ham burger and a peice of cake. Craig, Jhon, and Robert rode my Bike. I played with Rachel, and LeANN, and Kara. The next birthday will be dad's. I'm sure it will be fun. Today Dan went to the holgo zoo for a feild trip. I can hardly wait til summer because we get to go swimming. Matt scartched up my face today also.

[There is no way I could eat a hot dog, hamburger, and a piece of cake in one sitting today. At least not without a diet coke to wash it all down. And if Matt ever wants to know what he got for his third's all there for posterity to treasure. And see, I was making lists even back then! Yes, I have always been crazy. And I am sure that Matt only got away with scratching my face because it was his birthday. I totally would have tattled on him. I was THAT kid, oh yes I was.]


October 24, 1982

Today Mom is not feeling very good because she is going to have another baby. When she has babies she does not feel very good. Daddy went Dere hunting and got a Dere. It was a buck. Tomorrow he is going to go get it because he left it at the cabin.

[I think if I were Mom, I'd probably not be feeling good knowing that I was going to have deer meat in my freezer for the next six months.]


September 12, 1983

Sunny day at home. At school cloudy day..

To begin with to those who come after me I would like to apologize for not writing in my journal for so long. I don't want anyone else to know that Stephanie and Erin and I can't sit by each other because Miss Pectol said we can't cause we talk too much. I think she is mean!! She is always so grouchy. I also hate school because the teachers get paid to make us miserable. They make us waste our P.E. time practicing going from class to
class and I hate it. Well at least the day is Over. It was O.K. today.


So there you have it - a peek into my second-grade soul. It's funny to see just how many quirks I still have today. I especially enjoyed reading the list of foods I ate and apologizing to those who come after me for not writing so often. I'm sure Jane Austin did EXACTLY the same thing. Do any of you have childhood journals you'd like to share?