mission accomplished - sort of

So here is the revised list of what I actually accomplished yesterday. Be impressed. Be VERY impressed:
  1. Grocery shopping? Done. Cupboards full of chips, cookies, M&Ms, and baby cokes for Oma. Because nothing says Welcome to my Home! like a whole lot of carbs, sugar, and fat.
  2. Guest bathroom? Painted, towels hung. Dum dum still being cursed.
  3. House? As clean as it's gonna get.
  4. Dehumidifier and fan? No longer using up eleventy billion kilowatts of electricity in my house.
  5. Husband's Playboys? Hidden. [STILL KIDDING!]
  6. Rock hard Cub Scout patches? Sewn on. Skin on fingers no longer intact though.
  7. Pack meeting? Attended.
  8. 15 pounds? Still with me, give or take. Crap.
  9. Federal Disaster Areas? Spotless (and outside garbage can at least three bags fuller).
  10. Toothpaste? Removed from ceiling. Lecture about proper brushing techniques given.
  11. Haircut for me? Negative. Still looking very scarecrow-ish. Made the right choice and refused Super Cuts' fine offer to help with my scarecrow status. Tempting, yes. But will wait for proper salon, thank you very much.
  12. Axl Rose to Brad Pitt makeover for the boys at Super Cuts? Check.
  13. Laundry? Folded and put away.
  14. Nap? Not taken. Sleep last night? VERY, VERY little. (Hence the long list of accomlishments.)
  15. Pedicure? Negative. Sigh.
  16. Blog reading? A little. Because it's all about priorities, you know, Daniel.
  17. Phone gossipping and scrapbooking? It'll have to wait until next week.

Thanks for all your kind wishes, Internets. Now all we have to do is have fun with the grandparents and find something great to show them here in St. Louis.

It may have been easier to finish my to-do list. We're not in San Diego anymore, Toto.