Back to reality

I am out of the sick bed. Took the entire day yesterday and did nothing but sleep. It would have been absolutely lovely except for the minor annoyance of feeling like I poured acid down my throat and beat my head with a hammer. You know, except for that.

So I learned a few things taking a sick day; thought I'd share them:

  1. Laundry doesn't do itself.
  2. Ditto for the dishes, bathrooms, and floors.
  3. When I am dying a slow and painful death, I won't care what state my house is in.
  4. When I feel slightly better, I will be very annoyed at the mess.
  5. I somehow always get sick when the Husband is out of town.
  6. There is NOTHING of value on the telly during the daytime. Nothing.
  7. Eggo waffles make an excellent breakfast AND dinner for the children. [But then again, I already knew that.]
  8. I will only make the mistake of forgetting to turn the phone off once. Pity the poor survey taker who woke me up yesterday afternoon.
  9. When opening my bedroom windows for some fresh air, it is a good idea to remember to close them once it starts pouring rain. The soggy carpet will not be a treat.
  10. Waking up to a ton of well-wishes on the blog makes me happy. Gracias to you, all my bloggy friends.

P.S. I am NOT, I repeat, NOT pregnant. But thanks for asking.