January thaw and schizophrenic computers

I've been playing blog-hookie the last few days for several reasons. Have you missed me? Have you? I've missed you, my pretend internet friends.

Our internet service has been schizophrenic, and has been somewhat unreliable for the last several months. This last bout was perfect timing, what with our own personal computer guru literally in the air, on his way here to spend quality time with his nephews and niece help us fix it.

Nothing says welcome like, "Here's our computer. Fix it and we'll feed you."

Don't you just want to come visit us? Come only if you have skills.

But the other reason for not being in the virtual world that I love is because it got up to the 50s today (from 10 degrees to 56 in one day, go figure). It's been miserable here the last few weeks, so today we had to get out and play in it.

We had ourselves a game of this:

Which included this:

And a critical team huddle like this:

Although some of us spent our time doing this (Newlyweds, blech):

We all did a little bit of trail walking like this:

And even some brave and adventurous walking like this:

But right now (thanks to Pete), I am happily back doing this:

[No, I am not that tan. This was a cheater photo from last year in San Diego when I WAS that tan.]

Let's hear it for beautiful weather, a computer genius, blogging at the end of a happy Saturday, and the promise of 60 degree temperatures tomorrow.