Counting my blessings

After spending a good deal of last week complaining, I thought I should spend an equal amount of time focusing on some of the good (albeit boring) things in my life.

One thing I am grateful for is that right now, there is nothing in here that I need to take care of:

I have done my duty with these today, as well, and don't have to think mean thoughts about them again until Saturday:

While the cold, frigid temperatures annoy me to no end, at least there is not a large layer of white stuff covering this:

And I am just about ready for McKay's birthday party tomorrow night. I'm going the lazy route, and he and his pals will be watching a movie and eating pizza in the basement, while I thumb through a magazine upstairs. The party favors are all lined up and ready to go:

And while shopping yesterday, I ran across an incredible bargain. A store near my house was getting rid of some of their display tables, and were selling them for twenty bucks each. This little beauty will grace the scrapbook room/office and provide the children more surface area in which to color or paint on. You know, because actually coloring on paper does ask a lot of them.

I just have to figure out how to get it downstairs first. Looks to me like a job for the Husband, when he gets home.

He'll be so thrilled, I just know it.

Some happy thoughts for me today. What's on your mind?