Lost in translation

Yesterday, the Princess brought home the usual backpack full of wrinkled papers and glue-sticked art projects for me to sift through and admire.

I paused when I got to this one, and I found myself unable to translate it without her help. Apparently, they were smelling things, and then writing down what they had smelled. As is the nature of the kindergarten classroom, each child had to sound-spell the words without any help from the teacher. Hannah took it upon herself to add her own rating system, giving each item a smiley or frowny face based on whether or not she liked the smell.

So here's the game. If you can decipher her excellent writing and figure out all seven things correctly, I will send you a prize. I'm not sure what that prize will be, but it will most likely involve food of some sort. Chocolate food, my favorite kind.

Contest ends at noon tomorrow.

Good luck. You're gonna need it.