If only I had something to write about

I have reached the end of my creative brain cells. Sad, isn't it?

I am at a blogging standstill.

I got nuthin'.

Seriously. I can't even spell anymore.

I suppose I could write and tell you all about the two-hour bike ride to the park that I made my kids take yesterday.

I chose a path that was "too hilly" according to them and they kept getting off to walk their bikes up the hills that were apparently uphill both ways. Barefoot. In the snow.

That's their version anyway.

I could tell you about the behind-kicking workout I had this morning and how I don't think I'll walk for a week. But nobody (not even me) wants to hear about that.

So instead, I will leave you with a little weekend gratitude list:

I am thankful for an upcoming night out with the Husband sans kids tonight.

I am thankful for the Queen B and the fabulous book I won in a contest over at her blog. I never win anything; it made my whole day. You should go now and read her blog, if for no other reason, but to see pictures of her big, hairless cat. Makes me laugh just thinking about it. Plus, she still has her brain cells and is always very funny.

I am thankful for birds chirping right outside my window. Big, fat robins. What do these guys eat? Shouldn't they still be lean and scrawny from the winter? They're like guinea pigs with little stick legs - they're just huge.

I am thankful for spring break because it means I can sleep in every day and ignore the children and their pleas for Eggo waffles at the unholy crack of dawn.

I am thankful for a husband who is finally home for a day or two.

I am thankful for an upcoming mini-holiday with the Husband and kidlets (and hopefully an old friend. Come on, Em. You know you want to come and meet us!).

I am thankful for Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs, even though they are the devil.

I am thankful for deodorant. Seriously, what would we do without it?

I am thankful for blogging.

I am thankful for blogging so I can look all busy and not have to help certain children find tiny lost Polly Pocket shoes. "Oh, sorry. Mommy is working on the computer right now. Come back later if you still need help."

I am thankful for boring Saturdays where we're all so healthy and fulfilled that we have nothing better to do than play in the basement while listening to soundtracks from action movies. Sometimes no news in life is good news.

What about you? What are you thankful for on this Saturday?

And if you see my brain, send it home. Tell it I'm sorry. Tell it I might really need to use it one of these days, and I promise to let it have the remote and drink some of my diet coke. But I won't give it my side of the bed. There are some things that must remain sacred.