My brush with fame and a weekend away

So you know the little thing in New York called Broadway?

And have some of you ever heard of the little play they call, "Grease?"

[Only like my favorite show EVER.]

Well, thanks to a Garden Swap that I participated in, I got a little package in the mail from an actual, real-live star on Broadway.

I feel very famous now.

And very special.

Miss Natalie Hill, currently starring in Grease on Broadway, was my swap partner. How I got so lucky, I will never know. She sent me the coolest package in the mail, and it was full of beautiful treasures.

A springtime mix CD with happy-go-lucky songs that I love, a book (that I have not read yet, Miss N., but am very excited to), a gorgeous card, and an egg plant [a real plant that will grow in an egg shell. It's very cool.] Hannah wanted to adopt the egg as her own, but I am only allowing her to look at it occasionally, lest I find a pile of dirt and broken egg shells in her doll house and her baffled look that says, "What, I didn't do it?"

So this will become my closest brush with fame (unless you count that time I saw Air Force One and got stuck waiting on the runway until it landed and de-planed the First Lady. Which I don't count as anything but annoying).

I love everything, Natalie. Thank you so much!

In other news, my blogging may be sporadic for a few days. I'm headed out to spend some time with my sistas-in-law, Gabi, Marta, Oma, and Heidi (who does not yet blog but is still beautiful and funny anyway). We'll be in the Big Apple for a few days without our husbands or kidlets. I wish we were seeing Natalie on stage, but we'll be catching this show instead. Looks to be a great weekend.

Now I just have to finish the laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, lists for the Husband, and packing.

See you next week, interpeeps.

Don't have too much fun without me.