My morning master

I have an obsessive love/hate relationship with a small, thin electronic device.

It is not a cell phone.

It is not a laptop.

It is not even a Game Boy Advance, although I hope that would surprise you if it was.

It is my bathroom scale.

Every morning, without fail, I cannot begin my day without paying a visit to what sometimes becomes the dictator of my mood. Even if I know that certain amounts of cookie dough will most likely prevent me from seeing a good number, I still have to stand on it. I cannot go a day without weighing myself.

Surprisingly, sometimes the number is even good.

But lately, the morning number has not been all that reliable. I have been doing some intensive weight training for the past two months. And I know, without fail, that when I stand on the scale the day after doing the weights, I am going to be up. I know that it is due to my muscles retaining water as they recover. I know this.

And yet I still hope for different.

And usually a day or two later, the numbers return to more friendly ones.

So my question for you is this: Do any of you interpeeps weigh yourselves daily?

Are there lucky women out there who don't even have a clue what they weigh?

And if you see a number you don't like, do you sometimes head down to make breakfast in a bad mood?

Or if you see a good number, are you the kindest, most cheerful, Christian version of yourself?

I don't know what it is about the scale that has such power over me. But I find myself unable to go a day without knowing. I'd like to just once not know.

But I can't do it. I have to know.

Please tell me if you weigh or do not weigh, and if it affects you. I must know if I am as weird as I think I am (Shut up, Daniel. Don't even say it).

P.S. Laura C - I made your Zojirushi bread recipe. It was THE BEST EVER. Just wanted to thank you for sharing with me what is now the only recipe we will ever make again.

I also hold that recipe responsible for the number I saw on the scale this morning. Stupid, evil, warm, gooey, toast with butter and jam.