Recovering from a facelift and time with the children

Do you like my new face lift? Do you?

I love it.

Credit goes to Jo Lynne at DCR Designs. She's just begun her new bloggy design business and you should really go check out some of her work. On top of her very funny, well-written everyday blog, she has a beauty product review blog, Chic Critique, and now this. As you can see, girlfriend knows how to work the html so it has nice, pretty shapes to it. I am so excited about my new look. I just love it. And I just love her.

In other news, we just got home from a little spring break vacay with the kids. Pictures and details coming [hopefully] soon.

Providing I do not get lost in the gorging of the Easter candy tomorrow.

Which is entirely possible since the Easter Bunny always brings Cryptonite Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs.

I'm just saying.