Proving the nut and the tree theory

This morning, I stumbled upon a little list.

A Monday morning to-do list.

Written, unbeknownst to me, by my eight-year-old, Chase.

He had carefully laid out his plans and must-do tasks for the day. They are:
  1. Wake up (already done and crossed off)
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Do jobs
  4. Do mathsheets
  5. Read Chet Gecko #3
  6. Play with McKay and Hannah?
  7. Eat lunch
  8. Specile [special] family outing
  9. Come home
  10. Eat dinner
  11. Read the Little House in the Big Woods?
  12. Go to sleep

What I love more than just the fact that he's actually written this list himself (which, I'll be honest, does make my heart go all a flutter), is that he put a question mark on playing with his brother and sister, and reading a book before bed.

Because one certainly cannot count on later wanting to do these items.

One must always leave room for changing one's mind.

I think we definitely got the right baby at the hospital. No doubt in my mind.