"Shelby was right, it DOES look like a brown football helmet"

All right, because you asked for it. Here is my new, unplanned hair. I still don't like it, but have at least managed to stop crying whenever I look into a mirror.

Pros of having short hair:
  • Not spending 25 minutes with a blow dryer every morning.
  • Not having to sweep up large piles of hair in the bathroom every day.
  • Less money spent on shampoo and product means more money that can be spent on shoes.
  • I could pose as a man and do undercover work, should I ever so desire.
  • On hot and humid days, my neck isn't nearly as sweaty.
  • No more ponytail headache.
  • Much more interesting bed head in the morning.

Cons of having short hair:

  • It's short.
  • It's really, really short.
  • It accentuates my fat neck (just ask the stylist from hell).
  • I don't know how to style it very well.
  • I am tempted to really tramp up the cosmetics in an effort to draw attention away from my hair, thus giving me a new look - drag queen in a bad wig.
  • Hannah still telling me how ugly it looks.
  • Having EVERYONE notice and comment on it is really embarrassing.
  • Every other commercial on t.v. is for hair products, demonstrated by models with long, flowing locks. Who mock my pain on purpose, I know it.
  • And I can do absolutely nothing about it.

P.S. Know the name of the movie where the title comes from? If you do, we are meant to be BFFs. If you don't, find out and rent it today.