The Laws of Stie

Our universe has laws which are absolutely indisputable.

Laws that cannot be stopped. Rules that cannot be broken. Our world cannot exist without these laws, such as gravity or motion.

These laws are woven into our very existence and keep life, as we know it, going.

My universe also has a few laws. Rules I am unable to break, even if I wanted to. Thought I'd share them with you:
  1. There is always room for dessert.
  2. Diet coke is to be consumed daily.
  3. Pedicures are best left to the professionals.
  4. When buying something on sale (that you expected to pay full price for), the money saved is a profit and should be spent immediately.
  5. Never go into Walmart without make-up or in sweatpants. (Just because you shop at that store occasionally, does not mean you have to look like it.)
  6. No diet is worth doing unless it allows you to eat chocolate.
  7. Exercise must happen every day. See numbers one and six for questions on this.
  8. Cooking when the Husband is out of town will always consist of pancakes or frozen waffles.
  9. A clean house equals a happy heart and a clear mind.
  10. Bad pictures should be taken every day to ensure at least one good picture now and then.
  11. Spontaneously breaking into song and dance daily will lengthen your lifespan (and embarrass your children, thus doubling its benefit).
  12. At any given time, there should be no less than five good books on your nightstand waiting to be read.
  13. Muddy shoes should NEVER enter the house.
  14. Playing the same music over and over is not at all annoying.
  15. Children should never go to sleep without a kiss on the cheek.
What are the laws of your universe?