Last trip post, I promise

I know you are all probably so sick of this vacation that you saw the title and clicked off to hunt for free porn. Nothing like days and days of someone else's boring vacation pictures, right?


Well, too bad. At least for one more day anyway.

I end the Seattle/Hawaii Trip '09 with some stats and (of course) more pictures. To give you an idea of our endeavors over the last 13 days without writing down every detail, here is some data that is pretty representative of the fantastic experience we had:
  • Total number of flights: 7
  • Total number of bags checked on flights: Zero, thanks to my awesome packing
  • Total number of hotels we stayed at: 5
  • Estimated caloric intake per day by me alone: 9,678 thankyouverymuch
  • Pounds gained while on this vacation: I am sure at least 8.
  • Number of fish viewed while snorkeling: 756 or more
  • Number of bloody wounds received from jagged coral while snorkeling: 2 (both mine)
  • Bottles of sunscreen used: 4
  • Number of people in our family who took hula lessons: 2 (all female, naturally)
  • Number of people in our family who swam in a cage with sharks all around: 3 (all male, of course)
  • Total number of days before I adjusted to the time difference: 9
  • Number of days it will likely take me to adjust back: 14
  • Dollars spent shopping: Much, much less than it could have been, dear Husband. Remember that in the days to come when you look at the bank statement, mmkay?
  • Pounds of sand washed down our hotel shower drain per day: 3
  • Number of former KSL weathermen seen at the Hawaiian Temple: 1 (bonus if you guess who it was)
  • Number of times the natives called me 'Cousin': At least 27
  • Minutes until I am ready to go back again: I'd say less than one. It actually hurts a little bit to think that Hawaii is still out there in this world, existing, without me in it.
And finally, because my little i-phone picture posts were so tiny (a pet peeve of mine), here are a few of my favorites so far. I have yet to barely wade through the hundreds and hundreds of shots I took, so these will have to do.