A bright spot on a gloomy Monday

Hello, Monday. How I wish you were still Saturday or Sunday. Or really any day in June or July.

As I sit here typing this, there is a feverish little girl on my lap who has come down with the swine flu.


That last sentence did not deserve a capital letter, proper sizing, or punctuation, such is the annoyance I feel for it in my heart.

But instead of dwelling on the millions of invisible germs that I imagine are marching up my arms as we speak, I will share with you some shots from a very fun photoshoot I had a few months ago.

As I've mentioned before, I never had sisters. I grew up with four brothers and lamented my single-girl status until I went to college and lived with five other girls. Then suddenly, I was a little bit glad that I never had sisters. All the bickering, cycle-time-synchronizing, clothes stealing, and drama - you have none of that with boys.

But while shooting these gorgeous girls, I caught a glimpse of some of the good things with having sisters. Like sisters? They're the only people in the world who can tell you that you don't look good while making a certain face. They will critique your make up or clothes and give you honest feedback. The dreaded, "Do I look fat in this?" will be answered with brutal truth by a sister.

And when you look this gorgeous and your sister tells you so, you can believe it, baby.

Where do these beautiful girls get it, you ask? From their mama (who looks young and hot enough to be the fifth sister). My secret goal in life has been to fatten her up, but it hasn't happened yet, dammit. Curse her willpower of iron! Maybe I should actually just strive to live like she does: Less cookie dough and more exercise.

And let's not forget one with the Daddy, too. He's a pretty important one in this house, I'd wager.

Thanks, guys. You are so amazing and it was very fun to spend some time in your sista world for a bit. Do you think if I adopted myself in that I'd automatically be gorgeous and thin like you are?

Yeah. Didn't think so.