Sisterhood of the Traveling Shoes

Over the weekend, I was the lucky recipient of a most happy package. Not one, but TWO fabulous pairs of shoes (and some chocolate and a magazine, too). This little ditty came courtesy of the chic and hip Diane (whose shoe collection I am sure would give Imelda Marcos a serious run for her money). Diane has had her fair share of bad luck and broken bones over the past few years, and is not able to wear all of the oh-so-pretty shoes she has stashed in her closet.

Can you imagine the horror?

So rather than have those lovelies gathering dust on a shelf, she has generously decided to spread the wealth.

Thus was born her idea for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Shoes. And, lucky me, I am the first sister. I will keep these gorgeous shoes for 30 days, document the places I take them (seen here lounging at the pool) and then will choose someone who will then get them for the next 30 days. And so on and so on, until these pink puppies have traveled the globe. What would thrill me to no end would be seeing these happy shoes on display internationally somewhere.

Aren't they cute?

So leave a comment letting me know whether or not you'd like in on the fun. The shoes are a size 9, but I'd wager you smaller-footed peeps could make them work, too. On October 1st, a new sister will be born.

Let's show these shoes a good time, shall we girls?