What must it be like?

I had an extremely fun photo shoot last month, and am now just getting a few of the pictures posted for you all to see. Didn't mean to take so long in getting them up - life just somehow got away from me.

The real question is, what do you think it would have been like to be this gorgeous in high school?

I will never know, you see, for when beauty and kindness were being handed out in heaven, I accidentally got in the chubby and selfish line. Thought there would be donuts and was mighty disappointed when I got to the end and there wasn't.

But I do get the opportunity to live vicariously through the beautiful people who are nice enough to give this amateur photog a chance.

Ladies of Provo, listen up: This handsome boy is now in your city and breaking hearts where'ere he goes, I am sure.

His sister is still at home, and absolutely breaking hearts where'ere she goes. How could she not with those cheekbones that make models everywhere weep with envy, and that flawless, pristine skin? It's almost not fair that she's so nice, too.

I'm betting she didn't get in the chubby and selfish line hoping for donuts.

Where do they get such fine genetics? From their drop-dead-gorgeous mother, of course, who had the audacity to tell me they don't get it from her.

I know, right? The proof is in the puddin', sister.

She's gorgeous and I'd sell my soul to be thin like her. Course that would mean I'd have to stop eating the donuts.


Thanks, Jennifer, for giving me the opportunity to take pictures of your babies. Your family is so beautiful and it was so fun to spend time with you guys.