Then and now

Do any of you remember this?

That was my babies in August of 2006. Here are some tidbits about our lives during that time:
  • We lived less than a mile from the beach in sunny, perfect, warm San Diego
  • The Husband did not ever get on a plane, and frequently came home for lunch
  • McKay and Chase were both in elementary school, and Hannah had just started preschool
  • We were both renting and owning a home at the same time (it wasn't pretty)
  • I had a blog that a few people liked to read
  • Hannah's best friend was Sleeping Beauty (and she was sure to remind us of that daily)
  • I had very little time to myself
  • I made lots of cookie dough
  • I drank lots of diet coke
  • The Husband hated his job and was professionally very miserable
  • My kids went to bed at six o'clock every night
  • Chase spent every waking minute hunting lizards
  • I pushed Hannah in the stroller daily on our walk to pick the boys up from school
Here they are, three years later in August of 2009:

And here are some ways our life has changed in the past three years:
  • We no longer live less than a mile from the beach
  • My three kids are in school all day long
  • The Husband is very happy now at his job
  • We are thankfully owning just one home
  • McKay is in his first year of middle school, and Chase and Hannah are both in elementary school
  • Hannah's best friend is no longer Sleeping Beauty
  • Chase spends every waking minute hunting frogs
  • I am now a small business owner
  • The Husband is once again a frequent flier and is never home for lunch (or breakfast, or dinner, come to think of it)
  • My kids still go to bed some days at six o'clock
  • I still make way too much cookie dough
  • I still drink lots of diet coke
  • I have a blog, and a few people like to read it
  • I no longer own or operate a stroller
  • And I have oodles of time to myself
While I'd probably sell my soul to live a mile from the beach again, I wouldn't trade where we are for the world.

Life is good. And it just keeps getting better.