Hello, March

Can you believe it's March already? Didn't we just celebrate Christmas like two minutes ago?


I swear, time just keeps going faster and faster.

Anyhoo, I am exhausted and wanted to pop on here before I head upstairs to take a much needed, seldom-taken, short Monday morning nap.

Don't judge. You know you'd do it, too, if you could.

Here's what we've got on tap this week:
  • The return of Chase, who has been on a business trip to Philly with the Husband, and stories galore of his adventures and escapades with his favorite cousin.
  • Not one, but two, gorgeous photo shoots to share with you.
  • My new favorite thing: The Blurb Book. Six months down, only thirty more to go.
  • Orthodontic appointments for the boys to begin the process of bracing their teeth (goodbye, money. I'll really miss you).
  • Manic house cleaning to prep for Oma tending while I'm on a ski trip with the Husband next week. (Which really translates to: The Husband is on a ski trip; I'm on a sleep in/nap/pedicure/shopping trip)
  • And last, but not least, Stie on a diet. It ain't gonna be pretty, folks.
Happy Monday, peeps.