To my real valentine

A Recipe for Happiness

Take one tow-headed little boy:


And one farmer-tanned little girl:

Wait about 20 years, then mix in some awkward dancing, hand-holding, and head-over-heels falling:


Combine it with a ring, a nervous proposal, and lots of kissing:


Mix gently with an early morning wedding, newlywed bliss, grad school, and several cross-country moves:


Let it simmer, bubble, boil, and cook for almost 17 years, and you will have this:


Thanks, baby.

Thanks for loving me in spite of the very hideous perm years. And the pink gravy I made in our first apartment. And the pregnancy rage.

Thanks for helping me see what you see when you look my way.

Thanks for three beautiful children who are, as it happens, turning out to be quite a lot of fun.

Thanks for getting on planes very early in the morning, multiple times per week, and working into the wee hours so that I don't have to.

Thanks for not complaining when I am less productive than I should be.

Thanks for holding my hand, letting me cry, and hugging me tight this past year. I would never have made it without you.

Thanks for loving me anyway.