How it all went down

Well, my friends, April Fools around here wasn't pretty.

Especially if your name happens to be McKay.

All went according to plan. He walked in the door, shock and dismay on his face when he saw his younger siblings home before him. He saw them eating doughnuts and begged for one of his own. Of course we said no.

At least for a little while. Then, after much pleading on his part, his wish was granted.

Be careful what you wish for has never rang more true than at that moment.

He took a bite or two, and started to get suspicious.


Foolishly, he kept eating, but about halfway through the doughnut, he KNEW something was wrong.


Hannah yelled it out first, "April Fools! We put mayonnaise in your doughnut!"

A mad dash to the sink and it was all over.


Here's the funny thing: He took it like a champ. I expected (and was prepared to fully pardon) rage and bitterness on his part. I thought he'd be furious. I know I would have been. What we did to him was disgusting.

But my sweet boy laughed and smiled, and agreed it was a good joke. He asked questions about how we did it, and wondered when we planned it all. Not once did he express anger. Not once did he raise his voice.

He handled it much better than I would have, I can promise you that.

Because of his good sense of humor about it, we abandoned the rest of our plans (except for the princess music on his iPod. That one was already too late). And even that prank brought a smile to his face.

He's a good sport. He's a good kid.

Here's hoping that the memory of the doughnut will keep him from trolling around next year. But if it does not, I think we'll all take a page from his book and laugh about the pranks anyway.