How to make a gallery wall just like mine

Way back in 2008, I posted a photo of what was then my favorite room in our house.  Lovingly crafted with the Husband's math skills, the photo gallery wall was a centerpiece of conversation in our home.  The soft sunlight in the late afternoon made that room a very cozy spot to curl up with a good book and ignore the children.  

Hours of my life were spent doing exactly that.

I mean, really.  Who wouldn't want to curl up in this room? 

 photo IMG_0026BP.jpg

With the invention of the Pinterest, I have received countless emails about the photo wall.  What are the dimensions?  How big are the photos?  Where did I get the frames?  Would I have an affair with a clown while eating a sandwich?

Okay, maybe not that last one.  I made that part up. 

But it could happen!  (Except not with a clown.  And probably not while eating a sandwich.  A cookie...maybe.)

Recently, with our move to Texas, the wall had to find a new home.  In our new home.  With wall space being at a minimum here, we were pretty limited in where we could hang it.  We settled on the big wall in our dining room.  I bribed and cajoled the Husband, and voila!  The wall was once again in my life. 

 photo gallery1_zpsdf2bab7f.jpg

Since I got an email from someone just this week (hi, Julie!) asking about the dimensions, and I happen to have them all written down as part of the aforementioned hanging, I figured a post was in order to preserve the information for future Pinteresters.

So, here it is.  The dimensions from my favorite wall of all time.   

 photo gallery4_zps4901f773.jpg

Oh, and we got all the frames at Michaels.  They are all the same frame, and it took four weeks and visits to three stores to acquire enough, as, inconveniently, they didn't carry them online.

You're welcome.