Sucking the marrow from life, or something like that

The other day, I was doing my best to suck the sweet, delicious marrow from our summer life. 

I.e., I was attempting to sleep in until at least ten o'clock.

Pulling me suddenly from that blissful REM-land, I heard an urgent ringing of our doorbell.  Throwing on my glasses, and nothing else, I ran for the door.  Noting the time as I passed by the clock, I grumbled. 

It was not even eight in the morning yet. 

I threw open the door to find our chubby, mustached pool guy and, HOLY MOTHER OF JUDAS, the house alarm started beeping angrily. 

Grumbling out loud, I ran to shut it off. 

As my frazzled fingers tried to punch in our code, I heard the pitter patter of startled feet tearing down the stairs.  "Mom!!  What's going on??  ARE WE GETTING ROBBED?" they all asked in sleepy terror. 

I begged them to go back to bed, and took my bra-less, bed-headed self back to the front door to see what the pool guy wanted. 

Apparently, he just wanted to shoot the breeze. 

Which meant that I wanted to shoot him

Fortunately for me, the phone started ringing and I made my escape.   

I answered to a panicked Husband, "Hey!  Are you guys okay?  I just got a call from the alarm company and they said the house was being broken into." 

Yawning, I assured him that all was well. 

As I plodded back to my bedroom in the hopes of salvaging my lazy summer morning, the phone rang again. 

It was my mother-in-law who lives in Utah.  "I just got a call!  Are you guys being robbed???"   

Apparently, we had put her down as an emergency contact. 

Knowing full well that she was startled from sleep in an earlier time zone, I apologized profusely and assured her we were all safe. 

Just as I hung up the phone, the doorbell rings again.

I fling it open wide, ready to snap at whoever is on the other side. 

Thankfully, I didn't. 

For standing at my front door was one of Frisco City's Finest.  The FREAKING POLICE. 

Apparently, after calling the Husband and his mother (both in other states at the time where they would be very useful in stopping any burglaries, I'm sure), the alarm company figured it might be wise to send the police out to check on us. 

Apologizing for what felt like the hundredth time in about a 15-minute time period, I assured the officer that all was well.  Arms crossed over my chest awkwardly, I thanked him for the response and wished for the second time in one day that I slept in a bra.

And then, I went back to bed.  Where I laid there wide awake and listened to the Spanish radio station from the workers outside my window.  And then heard the pounding of whatever rocks they were smashing together.  Then I threw a pillow over my ears at the sound of my children fighting upstairs over the Minecraft.  And my fat stomach growled.  And a fly buzzed by my ear before landing on my face.

I am thinking the marrow from this summer life tastes a bit like an onion.

And I HATE onions.