Friday night, a major milestone happened in the life of my oldest child.

He attended his first prom.

 photo prom7_zpse6650304.jpg

Which, coincidentally, also happened to be his first date ever.  To say he was nervous would be an accurate truth (though he would definitely never admit that in a court of law.  And would quite possibly deny it to the death).  Hannah and I did our best to educate him on true gentlemanly behavior.  

She has gleaned most of her knowledge from Jane Austen movies.

Mine has come from dating my fair share of NON-gentlemen back in the day.  So between our vastly different world of the ideal perfection and what not to do, he was more than ready.

And probably just a little overwhelmed with information.

 photo prom9_zpsc7d47653.jpg

His choice of prom date was a friend - a darling girl named Olivia.  And they went in a large, fun group of 18.   

 photo prom2_zpsfdc6ca7f.jpg

How awesomely amazing do these gorgeous young women look in their dresses?  So beautiful.  So classy.  So modest(!).  I am so impressed.  

(And as the mother of a hot-blooded, normal, teenage boy, I am forever grateful.)

 photo prom5_zpscd4e4fe4.jpg

The dapper gents (McKay is the third over from the right):

 photo prom6_zps1a599417.jpg

Through a series of about 900 group texts, the boys decided to reveal their secret identities -- as super heroes will occasionally do for a lady friend.

 photo prom4_zps767bdc92.jpg

My boy's secret identity just happens to be Spiderman.

 photo prom3_zpse1286c86.jpg

Truly, it was an amazing night.  He had a fabulous time, learned a little bit about gentlemanly behavior, and got to show a girl a good time.  I am so proud of him, and thrilled at the amazing group of friends he has found here in Texas.

 photo prom1_zps96451b1d.jpg

{And, yes, I am not dead.  I am going to try with all my might to bring this blog back off of life support.  I do miss writing, sharing, and documenting the extraordinary ordinary life I lead.  Stay tuned.  More to come...)