Yes, I can!

Chase has been taking tae kwan do lessons for a few months now. He absolutely loves it. Through a thick Korean accent, Grand Master Rho has the kids repeat, over and over, the words, "Yes, I can!" It's a mantra that Chase has readily adopted to fit his 'just try and stop me' personality.

So, in honor of that, I thought I would give you some of the lessons I learned this week, in "yes, I can" style.

Because it's my blog, and, well, because I can.

Clicked off to hunt for free porn yet?

No? Good. Here goes. Things I learned this week:

  • I can survive two field trips in one week, even when one of them is spent chasing down other people's annoying wandering children at the zoo in the pouring rain.
  • I can recover from poison ivy. (Though can anyone tell me why the rash is gone but I am still itchy?)
  • I can clean out the kids' bedrooms and throw away five bags of plastic crap (all of which I am sure they will never miss).
  • I can tell the random caller from one campaign that I am currently undecided.
  • I can then field two phone calls per day, and one front porch visit in an attempt to sway my vote.
  • I can decide to never again admit that I am undecided.
  • I can enjoy my workouts again, thanks to a new TV season.
  • I can order my Christmas cards in October (please don't hate me. I'm diseased. I can't help it).
  • I can pay other people's children to smile for me in photographs.
  • I can actually watch general conference and not take a nap. Go me.

What did you learn this week?

Things I Learned Last Week

  • You bloggers have very decided opinions when discussing being on-time or late. I had no idea there was such strong feelings on the subject. (Note to self: Be more controversial).
  • Caramel bars make the Husband's Sunday school class a very happy place to be (recipe coming later this week, I promise).
  • Pulling my brand-new dryer out from the wall a little bit will quite miraculously reduce the time it takes to dry a load from one-and-a-half hours to about 36 minutes.
  • Doing this will cause me to swear out loud, and then wonder stupidly why I didn't do it a month ago.
  • In my mind, stockpiling my house with books makes up for the lack of food storage. What we'll eat in a crisis? I don't know. But books, we'll have in droves.
  • Watching my son pitch at his games and strike out several players is a very fun thing.
  • Unless you are the player getting struck out. Then it's probably not so fun.
  • Four-dollar-a-gallon gas prices will put a damper on the Husband's RV dream vacation this summer.
  • The aforementioned gas prices will force us to stay in nice hotels instead (which thus turns our trip into more of MY dream vacation).
  • My backyard has somehow become a bird sanctuary. Especially around five-thirty every morning when they converge right outside my window and speak to each other. AT THE TOP OF THEIR TINY BIRD LUNGS.
  • This is making me not like them so much anymore.
  • Self-given pedicures are against god's plan. When eagerly scraping dead skin off my heels, it is always a good idea to stop before the blood appears. Pain and suffering will surely follow, along with a solemn promise to never touch my own feet again.
  • Favorite thing this week: Good friends and tents in my backyard, warm chocolate chip cookies, and a few sunny days that make up for all the rain.