Our weekend, in photos

This weekend we did a lot of stuff.

Some of us played basketball, and did not go easy on our opponent just because they're ten and have shorter arms:

Some of us created science experiments out of sand and water:

One of us sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" with his fellow fifth graders during the seventh inning stretch of Saturday night's Cardinals game.

It is rumored that one child in particular may have sang, "Root, root, root for the Red Sox" instead of, "the Cardinals," though that child officially denies this rumor:
Some of us had foot races in the backyard, and did not want to let our little brother win:
(hmm...wonder where he gets that from?)

One of us pitched (at least according to him), "THE BEST GAME OF HIS LIFE!" And as you can see, this person takes baseball very seriously:

There will be no mercy on the mound when you're staring down this fellow. He means business.
Some of us thought it would be fun to stand on our brothers and see how long they could hold us up:

The answer? About four seconds. One brother will cave under the pressure and the pyramid will come toppling down.

The only damper on the weekend? One of us spent it (and the majority of last week) scratching her mad case of poison ivy:

Oh yes, and that is the improved version. Trust me when I tell you, it was much worse a few days ago, and covers a good portion of my entire body (I decided to spare you the rest of me, especially the nekkid parts. You're welcome).

Yeah, so remember the near-electrocution yard work day last week? Apparently, of those 1,934 weeds I pulled, a good portion of them were poison ivy.

And poison ivy? Not so much fun, as it turns out.

Still, though, a pretty good weekend for us.

At least, for those of us not scratching and smelling of Calamine lotion anyway.

Killing myself, one extension cord at a time

Today, I...
  • Played tennis for two hours (even though I really suck at it)
  • Did six loads of laundry
  • Cleaned four bathrooms
  • Vacuumed two floors
  • Pulled 1,934 weeds from my backyard
  • Cursed weeds with eight different swear words (oh yes, I know that many)
  • Screamed when I discovered a large spider on my bosom
  • Killed large spider after knocking it off my bosom
  • Looked down my cleavage and examined my bosom for any other lingering spiders
  • Smiled sheepishly when the old lady next door caught me doing it
  • Happily discovered I have strawberry plants growing in my backyard
  • Moved three evergreen bushes to a different flower bed because I felt like it
  • Trimmed all the hedges in my yard
  • Accidentally severed the Husband's extension cord while trimming the hedges
  • Buried extension cord in the trash so that the Husband will never see it
  • Wondered aloud if you can die of electrocution when severing live wires
  • Starting searching for landscapers to prevent future death by electrocution
  • Read and commented on a few blogs
  • Wrote my own (albeit pathetic) blog post, and
  • Decided to be content with re-heating Thai food leftovers for dinner

Today, I did not:
  • Shower (yet, but I will)
  • Read novels
  • See movies
  • Cook dinner, or
  • Eat 14 cookies (unlike yesterday)

I am thinking it has been a productive day thus far. Especially considering that it's a Monday.