I'm a believer

In mid-December, as the post-Halloween candy gorging had morphed into the post-Thanksgiving-I-give-up-until-New-Years eating marathon, I was feeling pretty unhappy with myself physically.

Instead of taking the logical route of upping the exercise and downsizing the eating, I opted for a more cosmetic approach to my self-esteem.  I figured if I was going to be fat, at least I could have good eyelashes.  I made an appointment with my local dermatologist and decided to try out the Latisse.  I spent about $160 for a 10-week supply.

I was skeptical, but hopeful.  I followed Jeanelle's instructions to the letter of the law.  I threw away the disposable brushes that came with the Latisse.  Seriously.  Do not use them.  They soak up so much of this precious liquid that you run out twice as fast.  I bought this brush from Sephora.

Every night, I would put a drop on the Sephora brush and run it across my eyelid, right where it meets my lashes.  Then I offered a sacrifice to the god of beauty and prayed like he$$ that it worked.

Six weeks came and went.  I started to see a little growth and got very excited.

I am now three months in, and am giddy with my new eyelashes.

Internet, I give you the unedited, unequivocal results:

(Top photo is taken without any mascara on, the day I started the Latisse.  The bottom photo was taken about a week ago, again, no mascara on.  Clearly, there has been significant growth.)

 photo lat1_zps0cc62dab.jpg

Seriously, right?  This stuff works like MAGIC.  Here is a photo of me with mascara on.  Crazy, awesome long eyelashes.  There has been absolutely NO side effects.  No discoloration, no eye color change, NADA.  My doctor also said that none of his patients have ever had any of those problems.  Only side effect?  Incredibly long eyelashes.  BEST. DRUG. EVER.

 photo lat2_zpsb3f5a254.jpg

And the best part?  Since I am using the Sephora brush, I am still not even half way done with my original bottle.  You know, the one that was slated to only last me 10 weeks?  Yeah, I'm at week 13 or 14, and still not even half way finished.  

This stuff is worth it, my friends.  Get yourselves a bottle today!  

Also?  I accept thank yous in the form of chocolate, diet coke, or beach houses in Hawaii.  Pretty much anything will do.