Office Space

New year, new goals, new me.  Right?  


So not interested in any of that right now.

I figure if I'm not keeping good on my health and fitness resolutions, time to look in areas where I'm capable of making change.  And since writing is much easier than giving up cookie dough, I thought I'd give it a crack here again.  I miss writing.  I miss documenting.  I miss this little corner of the world.  And watching all three of my kids each pull out the old blog books over Christmas break tells me this is the place to start.

Plus, the Husband spent his holiday break doing something oh so productive, and it's a perfect kick-off to a new year.

I give you:  My new office.  [Insert me jumping with glee to show you.]

 photo IMG_0009_zpsd1716534.jpg
 photo IMG_0005_zps84ff3b3a.jpg

It's pretty much the same office, just revamped and tweaked.  I desperately needed some shelving in here and the Husband was more than willing to oblige.  Oh, what a valuable commodity it is to have a husband who likes to build stuff!  You want to ignore us all day and build me furniture?  Knock. Yourself. Out.  Believe me when I tell you that I absolutely recognize his mad sweet skillz, and my luck in benefitting from them.  

I ordered three 20x20 canvases of my three favorite offspring to fill the space on one wall.  Super Texas-sized walls call for super-sized wall hangings.  These fit the bill nicely and make me so happy to look at.  Please note also that we painted the ceiling the same color as the walls.  It looks darker here, but it's really the same color.  

 photo IMG_0002_zps25efd33c.jpg

Also important and needed was a comfy chair for when I want to hide away with a good book and pretend that I can't hear anyone calling my name.  This little beauty doubles as a recliner and was even comfortable enough to earn the Husband's stamp of approval (which is an honor quite rare, I can tell you).  

I know, I know.  The Keep Calm thing has been played to death.  I had it on my wall long before it was trendy, and I love the story behind it.  I refuse to give it up, even though it's quite possibly the most overdone phrase in the history of mankind.

 photo IMG_0008_zpsa83b34aa.jpg

This room literally completes me.  I am giddy with joy every time I walk by.  It inspires me to want to create and be productive.  It just begs to have creativity and inspiration and ideas bouncing around in here.  Surely, great things can only come from someplace so beautiful, right?

 photo IMG_0011_zpsb827322d.jpg

For those who care:

Wall & ceiling color:  Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (literally, the best color ever invented)

Desk:  Pottery Barn Bedford desk sets (this is a corner desk and a regular desk fitted together)

Chairs (all three):  Home Goods

Rug:  TJ Maxx (I think?  It's been a while)

Storage Containers:  Container Store and Ikea

Framed bulletin board:  Custom made for me by the Husband