And so it begins...

Ain't he beautiful? That is my boy (or one of them, anyway). He is the real writer in our family - he ought to have his own blog. Every day he comes home from school with a stapled, crooked group of papers he has turned into a book. He's written hundreds of books, actually. They're pretty good, too. Most of them involve his alter ego, Super Frog. Super Frog can do anything, and he's really good with weapons. Super Frog always wins in the end - I like that. He even gave Super Frog a Princess, just for his sister.

The other day, Chase came home from school and said, "I had a blue day today." And he had, too. Everything that could go wrong in a first grader's life did for him that day. He pretty much had the world against him. What did he do? He went right back the next day and faced it. Life lessons can be found in the elementary school. I'm trying to learn from him.

So I am writing this blog to chronicle the things in my life that make me the happiest. It will probably be filled with my kids and husband, but those are my happy spots. Indulge me, as I reveal why I love being a wife and a mom. Trivial to some; but for me it's my life.