Top 10 pet peeves

10. Call waiting. If I am on the phone with you, DO NOT put me on hold to answer another call. I will hang up on you and you will have to call me back.

9.Waiting in line. See the recurring theme here? I am probably not as patient as I should be. When you're in the checkout line, please, please, please do not take that opportunity to share photos of your grandchildren with the cashier. She doesn't want to see them, all 20 of us behind you don't want to see them. Pay your bill and move on. (Yes, this happened to me yesterday and I had about three minutes to pay, get to the car, and get my daughter to pre-school. Yes, I was late).

8. Personal Injury Lawyer Commercials. The last thing I want to see on television is slimy lawyers offering to help people sue other people. Thank heavens for TIVO.

7. C-SPAN. My husband loves to fall asleep to the stale, droning sounds emitted by the most boring channel ever invented. I will watch the political talking heads and suffer through them, but this channel is like sitting through actual meetings.

6. Meetings. I detest meetings of any kind (and watching them on t.v., as you can tell). I think all work should be done via email, my favorite way to communicate. Send me a list, and I'll get the job done. Make me sit through three hours of you deciding what should be done and I'll resent you.

5. Those little, tiny cell phones people wear in their ears. I don't know why, but these really just bug me. I mean, come on, do you really have to walk around all day with your phone attached to your ear? Are you truly that important? I think not, my friend, you look ridiculous. It's time someone told you.

4. Seafood. Yuck, just thinking about it makes me feel like gagging. I am allergic to shellfish and have violent abdominal reaction when I eat it - I think it has mentally affected me for all other seafood. The one exception to this is tuna, I love tuna fish (mixed with mayo and pickles on lightly toasted bread? Yum.)

3. Bobble-head dolls. Yes, I know, it's weird. But those things really creep me out - I'm not sure why. It just seems unnatural to have this extra large, free-floating head bobbing around independent of the body. I hate them.

2. Being interrupted. Goes with the territory of three kids, I'm afraid. Still, nothing makes me crazier than being in the middle of a conversation or on the phone and hearing, "Mom, can I...?"

1. Public embarrassment. I loathe being embarrassed in public. I have nightmares about it. The tragic irony is that by having three kids in four years - you are going to be embarrassed. I've never gotten used to it, and I don't think I ever will.