At the scene of the crime...

Our t.v. remote has gone missing.

And not just hiding-under-the-couch-cushions-missing, but gone without a trace. Now for some, this might not be a big deal. For our house, it's huge. Sure, we can still watch t.v., but who wants to watch live t.v. anymore? I have been so spoiled by the DVR that I can't bear to sit through one minute of commercials. We TIVO everything and watch it commercial-free. Unfortunately, without the remote, the pre-recorded shows are inaccessible.

Josh was the last one to see the remote alive (which means we all blame him). He has become the primary suspect. We are gathering evidence for our case, but have little to convict him with unless we find a body.

He just might be sent to jail anyway. After all, it was a new Grey's last night, and I HAVE TO WATCH IT.

There is a reward being offered now of ten dollars for anyone who finds it. Yes, it is that important. My kids have been brought up right - they'll do ANYTHING for a buck. And ten bucks? Let's just say that trash has been gone through, and it wasn't by me.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of our remote, please send it my way. I know we'd all appreciate it (most especially Josh).