Always look on the bright side...

So in preparation for the Great Move of 2007, we are now a one-car family. We waved goodbye to Josh's car at the transport parking lot last week. We could have rented a car, but we really felt like it was silly. It's only for two weeks - ten total school days. I mean, come on, he works like ten minutes from here, and the kids force me to pick them up on foot from school anyway, so why spend the money? There have been moments it's been a little painful, but I thought I'd make a list citing all the positive things about not having a car:

  1. I am forced into getting more exercise (because 45 minutes on the treadmill is never enough to cancel out my predilection for cookie dough).
  2. All that cookie dough I am fond of eating just might get burned off instead of turning to lard on my thighs.
  3. I get loads of fresh air (that is also unfortunately chock-full of pollen, sigh).
  4. My heart gets a workout when I nearly go into cardiac arrest every time a lizard darts out in front of the stroller (which averages about 17 times each day).
  5. My calves get a workout when I am forced to suddenly stop so I don't run over Chase who has dumped his scooter to try and catch said lizards (also about 17 times each day).
  6. I am much more agile when dodging the SUVs and seven-series BMWs driven maniacally by the high school students than I would be in a car.
  7. My freckles are multiplying due to all my time walking out in the sun (I am hoping this brings me closer to my goal of someday having them merge into one giant freckle, thus ridding me of them entirely).
  8. My kids are running, scootering, and biking every day.
  9. It gives McKay and I lots of quality time to discuss weapons and video games.
  10. I have no fear of getting speeding tickets (course, truth be told, I am not the one in our family who is known to speed).
  11. It keeps me out of the mall and prevents me from spending all my husband's money (which according to Stiesta-Economics, nets us a profit this week of $400 by virtue of my not spending what I would have spent).
  12. I get time to listen and answer all 4,509 questions Hannah has floating around her head.
  13. We're helping the environment by not using up all the extra gas it would take to cart Josh back and forth to work (which really makes Chase one happy little camper).