War games

Right now my kids are playing their favorite game - World War II. The boys have recently become obsessed with the details of World War II. They ask questions like, "Just how many trenches did the soldiers dig?" and constantly want to know exactly which country was on "our" side. Every day after school and homework, they load up their backpacks, grab their wooden rifles, and recreate the trenches in our living room. Bombs are detonated, generals are saluted, and food is rationed. Hannah is the nurse-in-residence, and does her best to bandage up the wounded men. Every book Chase brings home from the library lately seems to be related to some aspect of World War II.

I love that they've taken a real interest in history and feel no need to step in and end their violent imaginary play. (Although we have spent a great deal of time focusing on the fact that Germany is now our friend, and we love all German people - a truth they cheerfully accept).

It has only become a little embarrassing at the park, however, when they yell ever-so-loudly, "Look out, it's a German. Kill him! Kill him!"

But I bury my nose in my book, try to look the other way, and make sure to call Oma and Opa when we get home and have a good laugh about it.

Wonder what we'll be into next?