Good and crazy

"People are just plain good, Mom. Isn't that great?"

Said Chase after being so relieved to find no one had taken McKay's Game Boy. We accidentally left it in the waiting room of the doctor's office.

Where we were waiting because Chase is sick. With strep throat.


And hearing this news, Josh slipped into a frenzied seizure that almost sent him checking into a hotel, where he would be forced to grow out and eat his own fingernails, wear empty Kleenex boxes on his feet, and sport nothing but a long, white beard and a bed sheet. Ever the level head, I calmly reminded him of a little thing called hand-washing and Purell-hand sanitizer, which brought him down off his Howard Hughes-like ledge and back into reality.

Can't say that I blame him though. It was a nasty go-round for him a month ago (which you can re-read about here).

So yes, Chase, people are good. And Daddy is a little bit paranoid and crazy (but we still love him anyway).